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Nothing says beauty and elegance like fresh cut flowers

Flowers are as common in a wedding as a white dress. For centuries, flowers have been used in bridal bouquets, floral arrangements are used as centrepieces on the tables and to decorate churches and reception halls. The beauty in their colours, shapes and textures as well as their fragrance and what certain flowers represent make them the perfect accompaniment to every style of wedding. Whether you consider yourself an authority on flowers, an admirer or completely clueless, you can pull off a fabulous floral design for your wedding.

Once you’ve made some basic decisions about what type of flowers you require for your wedding, how many different kinds of flower arrangements and how much you want to spend on your flowers, you’re ready to meet with a few florists. If you have some references from friends, that’s a great start. If you’re starting from scratch and doing a search online, you might want to make some phone calls before setting up any face to face interviews. It’s always a good idea to meet with at least a few wedding florists. They may all be seasoned professionals but each might come with a different skill set so you will want to choose the florist who most fits your wedding’s floral needs.

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